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      Welcome to Color My Everything, a collective of visionaries passionately dedicated to the perpetual evolution of the world of art. Founded and curated by artist Joseph Sklar, better known to his closest companions as "Glo-Jo," our mission revolves around the pursuit of perpetual innovation within the realm of creative expression.

Joseph Sklar is far more than a mere painter; he is a distinguished artist whose work has graced both intimate private galleries and captivated audiences numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Glo-Jo has been privileged to share his expertise and artistic vision on grand stages across a multitude of vibrant cities, including Las Vegas, Seattle, Denver, Orlando, Miami, and beyond.

His impressive portfolio features participation in esteemed events such as the First Friday Las Vegas Downtown Art Walk, Electric Daisy Carnival, Lightning in a Bottle, and the Imagine Festival. Over the span of a decade, Joseph Sklar has honed his craft with unwavering dedication, employing specialized techniques to craft paintings that not only react harmoniously to black light but also employ meticulously devised processes that instill a mesmerizing "wiggle" effect when viewed through handcrafted wooden 3D glasses.

Just when one believes they've explored the extent of his artistic ingenuity, Glo-Jo consistently lives up to his moniker, revealing hidden messages that come to life in radiant, glow-in-the-dark splendor. His work serves as a profound reminder that true perception extends beyond the mere act of looking – it requires the ability to truly see.

 Savage Labs
Wynwood, Miami

Color My Everything Art Presents

December 5-6

Art Basel 2024

Neon Collection

As seen at these great locations...

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