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In the soft, ambient light of day, the painting reveals a breathtaking tableau of the goddess of life. She is a radiant embodiment of the universe and the intricate patterns of the flower of life. Her form is a harmonious blend of celestial bodies and the sacred geometry that binds all existence. She stands as a beacon of hope, a symbol of the nurturing spirit that breathes life into our world. Her hands, outstretched, seem to caress the very essence of Mother Earth, offering love, care, and protection.

However, a closer inspection reveals a poignant undertone. The goddess, despite her ethereal beauty and strength, is submerged in a thick, black sea of oil. Her eyes, once filled with determination, now betray a hint of desperation. She struggles, trying to rise above the engulfing darkness, a poignant representation of our insatiable greed and the environmental degradation it has wrought.

As the room dims and the painting is exposed to ultraviolet light, it undergoes a mesmerizing transformation. The once vibrant scene fades, and in its place, a haunting glow-in-the-dark message emerges: "STOP OIL”.These words and image of a radioactive world and ghostly silhouettes of wildlife animals that have already paid the price for our recklessness are a chilling reminder of the consequences of our actions.

The inspiration behind this piece is deeply rooted in the contemporary "Stop Oil" protests. These passionate demonstrations saw protesters hurling paint, oil, and even soup at invaluable historical artworks. While the artist resonates with the urgent call to end our oil dependency and the radical methods employed to draw attention to this cause, there's a profound disagreement with the destruction of timeless art. Art that was crafted by hands that can no longer defend their creations or express their perspectives.

To address this, an additional layer has been incorporated into the artwork. A clear glass pane stands as a protective barrier over the painting. Emblazoned on this glass are the words "Soup, Paint, Oil, Hate," forming an arch over a bold archery target at the center. Beneath the target, the defiant words "Go On!" are inscribed. It's a bold statement from the artist, a challenge to the world: "Throw what you will at my creation; it stands resilient, ready to bear the brunt of your emotions, but the message it carries will remain undeterred."

Nurture Nature

SKU: 0013
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